SWFT Air Deodorizer

Be healthy and breathe fresh air

MSRP: $12.99


SWFT Air Deodorizer is a great solution to remove bad odors from cooking, smoking, pets, mildew, and food. In addition to noticeable odors, SWFT Air Deodorizers also removes formaldehyde (a carcinogenic agent) that can be found emitting from various household products like baby furniture, some cleaning products, and finished or processed wood products. Independent testing shows that SWFT Air works up to 15% better than current air deodorizers, by actually absorbing and adsorbing the odor. SWFT Air is non-toxic and is made with natural materials, so it’s safe around children and pets. Although we claim that it’s safe, we don’t suggest anyone eat SWFT Air Deodorizer –it just doesn’t taste good. Simply remove the seal and lid from the SWFT Air Deodorizer jar and place near the source of the odor. SWFT Air Deodorizer is great for the refrigerator, pantries, closets, bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms.